What are the Most Addictive Drugs?

Many people ask this question, and the answer can vary. Addiction can occur with almost any mind-altering substance. However, there are drugs that health professionals say people should never try due to their addictive natures. Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous drugs that can lead to addiction:

• Crystal Meth: While sometimes glorified on tv shows and in movies, this potent drug can cause a lot of problems for its users. It can cause brain problems, heart problems, skin problems and neurological issues. Many users who go on a binge exhibit psychotic behaviors and may even need to be hospitalized and some people who overdose have permanent damage. Withdrawal is also dangerous and should be medically supervised.
• Crack cocaine: Crack is a form of cocaine that is smoked, rather than snorted. It can cause lung damage, heart damage, and other health problems. It is highly addictive. Although it only offers a five minute high, and then a deppressive crash, many users will spend much of their time chasing that high.
• Alcohol addiction: Alcohol is the most common drug used in America, and it is also a top contributor to hospital visits and health problems. Many accidents, such as falls and car crashes, can be attributed to alcohol use. Long-term excessive use can wreak havoc on the liver, and cause withdrawal symptoms that can cause seizures, hallucinations or even death. Withdrawal should be supervised in case of complications.
• Synthetic drugs: Relatively new to the world of drug use, synthetic drugs such as “synthetic marijuana,” Spice and K2, and other formulations are highly dangerous. Many of these drugs are addictive, and the danger is compounded by the fact that the contents of the drug are never the same. K2 has caused overdoses that cause rapid heartbeats and seizures. It’s becoming a familiar occurrence among vulnerable populations because it’s relatively cheap and easy to get in states where it is not officially outlawed.
• Krokodil: While not yet common, this dangerous drug is sometimes marketed as an opioid, but the damage it does to its users is magnified. Krokodil is a drug that has killed many users in Russia but has come to the states in recent years. Made from codeine and toxins like hydrochloric acid and paint thinner, wherever the drug is injected, parts of the skin around that area fall off, making the user suspectible to many serious illnesses.

Addiction can strike anyone, no matter what drug they are using. Heroin and other opioids are also incredibly dangerous, and are one of the top causes of death right now in the US.

If you’re worried about your drug use or somebody you love, there are many steps you can take to get help. Addiction treatment is the most effective way to get clean and get a handle on life, and in many cases, your insurance will pay for it.

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