Ways to Give Back in Early Recovery

Many people who are able to get and stay clean and sober are grateful for the ne chance at life. It’s not uncommon to want to jump into life headfirst, but it’s recommended that you take it slow. Too many people make the mistake of thinking they can work the twelve steps on their own and fix everything that’s wrong overnight. In the early days and months of recovery, your mind and your body are still adjusting to your decision to stay sober. These are all good things. But you can still find ways to give back in recovery, even if you’re still new to recovery.

Why Give Back?

Many people in recovery want to give back because they’re grateful. Paradoxically, giving back can also help you become grateful. Doing things that take you out of yourself and help you connect with other humans is healthy. Some people also find that giving back to others helps them connect with their higher power or practice self-forgiveness. Giving back makes you feel less ashamed about your past and more positive about your future.

How to Give Back While in Recovery

Helping set up and take down chairs at 12-step or therapy meetings is always appreciated by others. One of the easiest ways to give back in recovery is to get what is referred to as a “service position” in a meeting. This means you may help set up or otherwise help the meeting function. The position of coffeemaker is relatively easy and it also helps you make a commitment to a specific meeting and group of people.   You may also want to be the person who gives out anniversary coins (for newcomers, 30 days and so on…) Ask people at your favorite meeting if there is a position available.

You can also give back to the world by volunteering in other capacities, such as at soup kitchens or local charities. If you are involved in a religious institution, you can always ask around for ways you can help others in that capacity.

And while you’re at it, make sure to do your part at home and with your family. Clean up after meals, offer to run errands, and do the things you missed out on while you were using.

Just remember: if you’re giving back to others, you must also take care of yourself. Your life and your recovery should always be a priority. Don’t make dangerous choices or spread yourself thin.

Getting Help for An Addiction

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