“When I walked into the doors of Beach City Treatment, well actually the wonderful staff basically carried me in, I knew I was is a safe and serene place.The program director Jed Bellino is a man of compassion for people like me. I got the opportunity to get an amazing foundation for my recovery. The staff there Bronwyn, Roian, Harvey, Tayler, Chrissy, Lizzy, and Rylie are absolutely amazing, they took their time and patience with me . I am blessed today to say I’m sober!! I would recommend anybody struggling with this disease of addiction to go to Beach City Treatment it’s the best facility I know !! Thank You for saving my life Johnny !!”

Kevin H. ★★★★★

“The staff and management team at beach city is caring and effective. They have become close friends of mine and have seen me transition from a hopeless mess to a responsible man. I am so glad I ended up at Beach City.”

Christopher Allen S. ★★★★★

“The staff are super friendly and caring. The accommodations where incredible. I could not possibly ask for anything more. Thanks to everyone for giving me the best start I could have in my Sobriety. Miss y’all and wish you the best.”

‎‎ – ★★★★★

“Beach City was the best detox I’ve ever been to. Staff was amazing and very caring. Jed and Johhny care about every single person that comes thru beach city and makes sure every client is taken care of. I couldn’t of asked for a better place. Great house well kept. Great food by Harvey. Hands down best detox.”

Dalton W. ★★★★★

“An absolutely amazing experience! Because of beach city treatment I have been clean and sober since New Year’s Day and I can not thank them enough they have an amazing clinical and staff crew and a phenomenal program! I highly suggest beach city treatment to any one in need no meter the severity of your situation!”

‎‎Steve S. ★★★★★

“My stay at Beach City Treatment was more than phenomenal. The staff did more than care about me, they truly treated me like they wanted me to feel safe and comfortable. I personally have been to 3 treatment institutions and Beach City is by far the BEST I have ever experienced. I recommend anyone seeking recovery to start with Beach City for detox.”

Mike K. ★★★★★

“Johnny took my son in after he walked from another detox .. what ever it was .. he gave my son hope .. and my son trusted him .. it was not always smooth sailing but my son always felt safe and knew he could count on Beach City and returned a few times .. They truly care about their clients and stay in touch even after treatment”

Maureen D. ★★★★★

“Been in many detoxes and this one was by far the best. Staff genuinely cares and will go out of there way to make sure your comfortable. Would recommend beach city to anyone who needs help.”

Sean R. ★★★★★

“Quality Treatment and Caring staff. They take an individual approach to treating people and have compassion. I would recommend Beach City to anyone seeking treatment for a loved one or friend.”

Ryan H.★★★★★

“Ive been here more then any human should and i have done residential twice accumulating alot of time and becoming good friends with the staff. This place has saved my life a few times. No matter the tension that i had against someone who works there is gone i learned he was trying to help”

Eric H. ★★★★★

“Beach city is hands down the best detox I’ve ever been to. Most welcoming loveable caring staff I’ve ever had. They know how to take care of their clients. I highly recommend this place to friends and family. If you have a drug/alcohol addiction reach out to beach city. johnny and Jed will take care of you.”

Taylor F.★★★★★

“My stay at Beach City Treatment detox facility was great. I came feeling sick and miserable, but that shortly changed. Not only did they put me on the right meds and properly taper me down, they fed us well and took us on outings like to the beach. They held groups that were very personal and ran with respect and care. I would recommend this detox to anyone coming off drugs and alcohol.””

Austin O. ★★★★★

“I took my brother there and he really loved it and he was able to transition with ease to a long term program. I fully recommend this program to everyone”

Tracy C. ★★★★★

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