“My stay at Beach City Treatment was more than phenomenal. The staff did more than care about me, they truly treated me like they wanted me to feel safe and comfortable.  I personally have been to 3 treatment institutions and Beach City is by far the BEST I have ever experienced. I recommend anyone seeking recovery to start with Beach City for detox.”

– Matthew


“I knew they cared before I even got to Beach City. They agreed to take me right away and came and picked me up over 2 hours away while I sat there withdrawing. Every staff member is amazing. Always there to help in any way they can. One thing I like about Beach City is how much Johnny the owner comes by and hangs out, always introducing himself to new clients and creating close bonds, showing how much he cares. Most places you never even meet the person you talked on the phone with. Johnny has been there for me.”



“My stay at Beach City Treatment detox facility was great. I came feeling sick and miserable, but that shortly changed. Not only did they put me on the right meds and properly taper me down, they fed us well and took us on outings like to the beach. They held groups that were very personal and ran with respect and care. I would recommend this detox to anyone coming off drugs and alcohol.”



“I felt that the environment at Beach City Treatment was a key component to my recovery. The staff was top notch and the accommodations were very comfortable.”



“My stay at Beach City Treatment Detox was outstanding. The staff are amazing, they satisfy your every needs. I have never been to detox before but, I am so glad that I came to Beach City Treatment for my Alcohol addiction. Because of their determination to help people like me, it makes me want to tell the world about sobriety.”



“Bob and the staff went above and beyond for my son, Hans. Every time I talked to him, he sounded better and better. I’m forever grateful for the love and support they gave him and how they helped him in his recovery. They gave him a new chance at life and a new beginning.”



“I would like to thank Beach City Detox for all the love and support they gave me on my journey to start a new lease on life. The staff was truly great and caring. Every part of my detox was met and handled in a very professional way. The staff was very kind and knowledgeable which made my first step in my recovery easier than expected. For them I am very grateful.”



“After completely drinking away everything I had worked so hard for the last few years of recovery, my life had become purposeless. I literally had nothing and no one left and was so full of fear and resentment I didn’t care if I lived or died. After talking to a treatment center in Orange County, I flew out from Nebraska and they said I needed to detox. Beach City Detox and treatment in Huntington Beach took me in. The facility and the staff are all amazing! I couldn’t have been more comfortable. The staff cooked great food, always had a stock of sweets, were all friendly and compassionate, always asked if I needed anything, and of course plenty of smokes. I couldn’t have had a better experience detoxing. Thank you Beach City for the motivation and comfort to restart my journey in recovery!”