Support Your Special Someone in Detox

It’s painful to watch a loved one struggle with addiction—devastating, even. When your loved one makes the decision to seek detox and recovery, it can feel like a bright new beginning. Certainly, the decision to seek recovery is something to celebrate, but it doesn’t quite mean you’re out of the woods yet. There are still some hardships to tackle in the detox process itself.

The first thing you should know about detox is that it can be challenging, physically as well as mentally. The second thing you should know is that the detox is worth it. It’s a necessary step for getting rid of harmful, addictive toxins, and setting the stage for recovery.

What’s more, you can do much to support your loved one through the detox process. Here are just a few steps you might take.

  • First and foremost, help your loved one to find a detox center like Beach City Detox in California where he or she can receive professional-level care. Home detox can be dangerous and painful, as you won’t have access to the medications that can make the process smoother. The risk for relapse is also much higher in a home-based detox.
  • Make sure that you and your loved one both understand that detox is not a cure for addiction. You’ll need to have a recovery plan lined up afterward. If you’re not sure of good local treatment programs, ask someone at the detox center.
  • Take time off to be with your loved one, and to offer your encouragement and support. Let your loved one know that you have their back and that you want to see them get better.
  • Encourage your loved one to eat properly and to drink plenty of liquids, which can help strengthen body and mind.

Above all, be patient. Detox doesn’t have an immediate effect—but it does make long-term recovery possible.

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