Reasons Why People Leave Addiction Treatment

Addiction recovery is a process—one that lasts a lifetime—and it begins with an earnest commitment to treatment. The treatment process can take several weeks or even months, and that amount of time is necessary for laying the foundation for success. Not everyone who enters into treatment sticks with it as long as they need to, though—and for those who leave treatment early, the results can (sadly) include major setbacks and relapses.

Why do people leave addiction treatment prematurely, though? There are several common reasons.

They did not want to seek treatment in the first place. It’s vital that, as you talk to your loved ones about entering recovery, you help them to see why it matters. Simply coercing them into recovery means that they end up leaving as soon as they are able.

The withdrawal symptoms are too intense. Enrolling in a clinical detox facility, like Beach City Detox in Huntington Beach, California, is vital for mitigating these withdrawal pains before treatment can really begin.

They simply don’t like the rehab they are in. It’s important to help your loved one find a place where they will feel comfortable, and truly at peace.

They decide they don’t need rehab anymore. This is one of the toughest obstacles to overcome; those in treatment need to be reminded that they always need to work on their coping mechanisms, even on days when they don’t feel like they need therapy.

They are ambivalent about recovery. All you can do here is remind them that you love them, care for them, and want to enjoy life with them—happy, healthy, and free from addiction’s impact.

The bottom line: Rehab takes time, it takes commitment, and it takes motivation. Your loved one will need all the encouragement and support you can give them as they seek to see treatment to its ultimate goal—but rest assured that it’s well worth the effort.


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