How a Morning Routine Can Enhance Your Recovery

Are you the kind of person who rolls out of bed at the last minute, after snoozing through multiple alarms, and scrambles to get ready for work or for school?

Or, are you the kind of person who lays a firm foundation for daily success, following a morning routine that puts you in a positive state of mind?

Having a morning routine is important—and we’re not the only ones to think so. Studies have confirmed that a morning routine provides energy and positivity for the day. It keeps you optimistic and productive.

And, for those who are in recovery, it can provide you with an invaluable level of strength and focus.

Starting a Morning Routine

There’s no one right way to start a morning routine, but there are a few quick suggestions we can make.

For starters: Allow yourself a few peaceful moments to really soak in the new day. Wake up with enough time that you can luxuriate in the light streaming through your blinds. Spend some time doing something that will put you in a positive headspace, perhaps meditating or just listening to some mood-enhancing tunes.

Allow time for breakfast, as well—even if it’s just a glass of water, some fresh fruit, and a handful of mixed nuts. A healthy breakfast is vital for starting your day right.

Engaging your mind is key, as well, whether by reading or journaling. We also recommend a morning activity to engage your body—a quick walk, or some yoga poses, maybe.

Your morning routine may not be the same as your neighbor’s, but we do encourage you to start one—especially if you’re just out of detox and are looking for a healthy foundation for your recovery. The power of a morning routine can’t be understated.

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