Mistakes Made in Detox & Early Recovery

When you first enter detox and transition into early recovery, it’s a perilous time. There is much that can happen to throw your recovery off track. We don’t say that to scare or to discourage you, but simply to underscore the importance of vigilance. Be aware of some of the common errors that cause detox and recovery to go awry, and have a support system in place to help you avoid them.

Here are some of those common errors—all of them potential wrenches in your recovery plans, but all of them avoidable, too.

Mistakes in Detox and Early Recovery

  1. Getting back to your regular routine far too quickly. The goal of recovery is to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to cope with addiction as you go back to your regular life—school, work, etc. Jumping back into “real life” too quickly, before you have a chance to develop those tools and strategies, is ill-advised. The stress of your everyday responsibilities may drain your energy, leaving you with little left to handle the rigors of detox and recovery.
  2. Trying to do it all by yourself. You’ll need an ally as you deal with the symptoms of detox, and you’ll need someone to help you readjust to normal life. Don’t try to do everything all on your own. Ask for help. Put that support system into place.
  3. Falling into risky habits or hobbies. Simply put, there may be people, places, or activities you know trigger addiction or other mental health symptoms—and you need to avoid them, as much as you possibly can.
  4. Neglecting overall physical health and wellbeing. In detox, in particular, it is tempting to shift focus away from nutrition, exercise, and sleep—but all are critical components of giving you the strength and energy you need to heal.

Have a plan for detox and recovery—a plan that avoids these common mistakes. Contact us at Beach City Detox, California to learn what that looks like.

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