Is Out-of-State Treatment Right for You?

Many people choose to get clean and sober by going to drug and alcohol treatment. There are many options that are available, from outpatient treatment to long-term residential. Many people who choose residential treatment prefer to go out-of-state for their program. But how do you know if treatment in another location is the best move for you?

Home is Where the Heart Is, But….

Many people will cling to the idea of staying in the same areas as their old using grounds for treatment. This can be a bad idea for many reasons. For one thing, it’s easy to leave such a program and go home on impulse. If you get mad, sad, or just want to get high again, it’s easy for you to make that decision without really thinking or planning. 

If you stay at a local treatment center, you may also encounter more triggers to use. The location of the treatment center may be in a neighborhood where you used to score drugs or get high. Or, you might have to pass through those neighborhoods to get to outpatient groups. You might even run into one of your old using friends when you’re out and about during free time.

All of these can be serious obstacles in early recovery. Of course, you can overcome them if you want, but it can be a difficult road to recovery with all of the distractions.

A Home Away From Home

Most treatment centers are filled with a tight-knit community of people just like you. Some of the people you meet may have been clean and sober for a longer period of time. You’ll probably also find that there are staff members who are in recovery.

Treatment is a unique community. While you’re in treatment, you’ll learn to take care of yourself, and how to trust others. When you share in groups and in therapy, it brings you closer to your peers. Many people describe their treatment centers as a safe place that functions as a “home away from home”.

Choosing a locality that is in a different location can also expose you to a setting of peace and tranquility. A treatment center near the beach can help you tap into nature spiritually and learn more about yourself as you learn new skills. Many people who go to treatment centers in nature-type settings feel that they have had a more spiritual experience because of it.

Getting Help

No matter what location you choose for treatment, inpatient programs help you learn to live with your struggles in life without the use of substances. Make the commitment to yourself to get clean and sober and reclaim your life. The first step is reaching out and learning about your options, please call us at  1-877-228-2401.

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