Beach City Treatment accepts PPO insurance plans including:

BlueCross and BlueShield

              Since 1929, the BlueCross and BlueShield companies in service to the American people has been providing innovative tailor-fit healthcare insurance to its members in every ZIP code. They provide Opioid Pain and Prescription Drug Abuse prevention and treatment coverage for members in the U.S. and abroad through BlueCross and BlueShield’s unique plans. Now coverage is reach in every Zip code and Country code.

Anthem BlueCross and BlueShield

                   Anthem, Inc. is one of the largest health benefits companies in the United States. Anthem companies like Anthem BlueCross and BlueShield deliver leading health benefit solutions for Opioid Pain and Prescription Drug Abuse prevention up until treatment.

United Healthcare

                   United Healthcare has served millions of people millions of people with the goal to improve the healthcare system so people can live healthier lives. They are about being responsive to the needs of every individual and developing new methods to improve patient care. They provide Opioid Pain and Prescription Drug Abuse coverage from prevention of abuse to providing access to treatment and other drug detox programs.



                    Aetna with nearly 50,000 employees has been providing a better, affordable and quality healthcare experience 46.7 million people. Aetna provides coverage for Ultra Rapid Detoxification (UROD) and Quantitative EEG for patients with drug abuse related conditions. They utilize industry-leading information, tools, and resources to achieve best results.



               Cigna is a global health service company working with employers and organizations worldwide to help develop innovative programs to help individuals and families improve their health. They provide coverage for treatment for alcohol abuse and substance abuse. They are also present in 30 countries supported by employees 37,000 strong to ensure quality and cost-effective care is provided.


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