Using Group Therapy in the Addiction Treatment Process

Group Therapy is a therapeutic experience that is part of the treatment for alcohol abuse and substance abuse. It involves the presence of trained professional/s facilitating collaborative form of healing. Group Therapy is offered to individual who are under grip of addiction and dependency to alcohol and drugs. Group Therapy facilitates inter-personal learning and is focused on inter-personal relationships.

Group Therapy at Beach City Treatment

Beach City Treatment offers Group Therapy that deals with particular concerns shared by group members and talking about how they feel in relation to each other. Group Therapy’s focus is more on what’s happening in a member’s life outside the session with members showing genuine empathy. This gives member a sense of belonging and encouragement. Group Therapy also teaches skills to cope with addiction and dependency.

Group Therapy at Beach City Treatment utilizes the dynamics of the group to create an environment that offers a network of support where clients meet people who are experiencing similar issues they are experiencing. Beach City Treatment offers Group Therapy that involves discussion and activities that develop skills to cope with addiction and dependency. This include problem-solving and trust building activities.

The Goals of Group Therapy

Group Therapy and Individual Therapy has the sole purpose which is the recovery and maintained sobriety of clients’ undergoing treatment. Beach City Treatment offers Group Therapy that utilizes the group dynamic to accomplish each goal in the recovery process.

  1. Identifying harmful behavior that affects the social skills of the client.
  2. Helping clients overcome emotional challenges through feedback.
  3. Creating and providing a support system for the client to confide and find refuge in.

Types of Groups

1. Psycho-educational Groups

This group focuses on controlling emotion, managing anger, living a healthy life, and being responsible.

2. Cognitive Groups

This group is focused on developing new skills to resolve conflict, control emotions and anger, working on an early recovery and preventing relapse.

3. Skills Development Groups

This group has the same factors of a cognitive behavioural group. It also focuses on relaxation, meditation, and learning important life skills.

4. Support Groups

It focuses on the prevention of relapse, spirituality, ceremonial healing practices.

5. Interpersonal Process Group Psychotherapy

It focuses on different forms of abuse, discussing psycho dynamic and humanistic/existential topics.


In Beach City Treatment the duration of the treatment depends on the clients’ willingness to change and recover. Beach City Treatment offers Group Therapy sessions depending on the severity of the addiction and progress of the client. Group Therapy at Beach City Treatment for substance abuse is done in the facility.

Once Group Therapy at Beach City Treatment is fully accomplished it is commonly supplemented by a support group outside of rehabilitation. This provides a safe place for continuous recovery and maintained sobriety.


1. It helps clients feel that they are not alone.

During the onset of therapy clients feel that they are alone are outcast because of their addiction and dependency. Beach City Treatment offers a Group Therapy that creates a sense of community that says “you are not alone” and “we are in this together” which resonates to the client.

2. It teaches clients to accept and give support.

In the Group Therapy offered by Beach City Treatment the members of the group is encouraged to turn to one another for connection, support and feedback aside from the attention given by the therapist. In that process the wounded becomes the healer.

3. It encourages clients to speak without fear of prejudice

Beach City Treatment offers Group Therapy that encourages the clients to speak up and not be ashamed when talking about their shortcomings during sessions. Group Therapy encourages self-awareness and expressing feelings.

4. It helps clients relate to their own self as well as to others in a positive way.

At Beach City Treatment, clients are encouraged to practice different ways of relating to other people. It helps clients to get rid of habits that hinder relating with other people. Self-deprecation and low self-esteem is replaced by optics and confidence.

5. It provides clients refuge from anything that would trigger a relapse.

The Beach City Treatment offered by Group Therapy provides clients a support system that helps them keep track of their own progress and the progress of each other.

An Ideal Group Therapy Session

Beach City Treatment offers Group Therapy Sessions that are usually held in a comfortable professional, but home like setting, where clients can feel safe to express their emotions. Members introduce themselves and state the reason for attending Group Therapy.

Members share their progress and experience since the last group therapy. The therapist as the facilitator will continue with the day’s agenda and activity. Learning aids are commonly used during therapy to enhance the learning experience and make the session more interactive and lively.

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