Good Nutrition to Support Detox

Drugs and alcohol can take a serious toll on the body, inside and out. While detox focuses on removing toxins from the body, it also emphasizes replenishing the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support healing. While in active addiction, many people engage in poor eating habits. They consume a lot of processed foods that are high in sugar and sodium. Non-alcoholic beverages may include soda, coffee, energy drinks, and other sources of caffeine and sugar. This type of diet does not do much to support good health.

Even when someone with a substance use disorder does eat a fairly healthy diet, their body is not getting the full benefits because drugs and alcohol can inhibit absorption and processing of vitamins and nutrients. It is not uncommon for people struggling with addiction to also be battling nutritional deficiencies or malnutrition. That makes it even more important to eat a well-balanced diet during detox and recovery.

Creating a Balanced Diet in Detox

In the early stages of detox, you may not feel very hungry at all or may have a hard time keeping food down. During this time, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. You may want to flavor it with some fresh fruit or herbs as tolerable to give it more taste. Once you feel more up to eating, start slowly improving your diet.

You may want to start with some blander foods that are easier to handle, then work your way up. Ideally you want to create a balanced meal that contains all of the food groups. This means incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts and seeds, low-fat dairy, and healthy fats. Clean eating can provide your body with more valuable nutrient sources than supplements or processed foods. You’re getting them straight from the source.

Fiber not only helps you feel fuller longer, it breaks down more slowly providing more stable blood sugar and energy. Fresh fruit has natural sugars in which can help combat sugar cravings. A well-balanced diet can help fight off cravings in general during detox and enhance your body’s ability to heal by ensuring that it has all of the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs. Recovery takes time, but slowly your body will adjust and once again begin using nutrition more effectively. Eating well also makes you feel stronger and more energized to face the day and tackle the next steps in your detox and recovery.

Our beach city residential program provides clients with nutritious meals to support their recovery. They also learn how to make healthier choices to continue fueling their bodies with the right foods now and in the future.

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