Diet in Detox

Recovery isn’t just about no longer using drugs or alcohol. It’s about becoming healthy, embracing a lifestyle of total wellness. That includes eating right. A nutritious diet will not only be a boost to your overall wellbeing, but it will also provide you with the strength, energy, and focus you need for detox and for recovery.

Unfortunately, many individuals who come to detox have poor nutritional habits. That’s because addiction so often begins in the teenage years, which means that these individuals never truly learn how to eat like adults. It is not at all uncommon for us to encounter people who come to detox only willing to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mac and cheese, chips, candy, and assorted junk food.

Developing a healthier nutritional paradigm is essential, then, but how is it done? Start by knowing the six basic food groups you should focus on—including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, animal protein, and plant-based protein. (This final category includes things like beans, seeds, and nuts.) Ideally, you’ll have each of these categories on your plate at least twice daily, and you’ll avoid anything that doesn’t fit into them.

Improving dietary habits while also going through the rigors of detox is not easy, which is why we recommend enlisting someone who can keep you accountable—perhaps even someone who can help you shop and prepare meals. It’s also prudent to seek recovery at a detox facility like Beach City Detox in California that takes a holistic approach, and that will provide you with nutritiously sound meals.

Beach City Detox fits that description. We want to help you develop a foundation for lifelong recovery, and while that includes ridding your body of harmful toxins, it also means learning to eat right. To talk with us about our nutritional guidelines or general detox approach, contact Beach City Detox today.

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