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Beach City Treatment is located in the beautiful city of Laguna Niguel, its scenic coastline, invigorating sea breeze and peaceful community creates an environment ideal for recovery. Beach City Treatment is a homey haven for those seeking recovery and sobriety.

The Beach City Treatment staff are professional, caring and are highly trained to help residents achieve full recovery. Beach City Treatment understands that the road to recovery can be difficult, frustrating and painful. Beach City Treatment features top-notch amenities to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience during your stay.

The Importance of Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment is important because alcohol and substance abuse treatment includes detoxification and medically managed withdrawal. Detoxification only flushes out the drugs from the body and gradually get rid of acute and potentially fatal side effects of the drug.

Detoxification doesn’t get rid of social, behavioral and psychological effects of alcohol and substance abuse. Withdrawal is an inevitable experience for individuals on the onset of their treatment.

Beach City Treatment helps individuals go through a comfortable and safe detox through our Sub Acute Detox program. This is done inside the facility with around-the-clock medical professionals and staff on-call to help each individual in their journey to recovery.

Once the detox process is complete our clients will transition to our residential facility where they will continue the process through an individualized program.

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment or Residential Rehab is a professionally supervised and structured facility that provides detoxification and treatment programs to individuals in a residential setting. Beach City Treatment provides 24-hour care in a non-hospital setting accommodating individuals seeking treatment for various types of substance use (including alcohol).

Beach City Treatment provides individuals an alcohol and drug free environment and life away from the factors that trigger alcohol and substance abuse.

As you arrive at Beach City Treatment you will be welcomed by the beautiful setting of the facility and the warmth of our staff and residents.

Personalized Care Plan

What is a Personal Care Plan?

A Personalized Care Plan is a treatment planning process that involves the assessment of factors that lead to alcohol and substance abuse. These factors include past medical history, past substance abuse history, health concerns, lifestyles, and surrounding social environment. This is done to create a fully-individualized itinerary of the treatment.

A Personalized Care Plan is determined by the individual (suffering from alcohol or substance abuse) in collaboration with a counsellor under the supervision of trained professional (Psychologists, Psychiatrists and other Behavioral Healthcare Professionals). This type of approach in treatment makes sure that each step and component of therapy is tailor-fitted to the need of each individual.

Benefits of a Personal Care Plan

  • Specifically Targeted Care
  • Maintained Sobriety
  • Learning Life and Coping Skills
  • Receiving Quality Care
  • Building Healthy Relationships

Types of Therapy

Group Therapy


Experiential Therapy


Individual Therapy


Rock to Recovery


Finding the Right Treatment Facility

Services Offered

It is important to determine what particular service a Treatment Facility provides. This will point an individual seeking treatment to the right direction. Beach City Treatment offers services from Detoxification to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation.

One-on-one counselling

Beach City Treatment has areas designed for one-on-one counselling so that privacy is kept during Individual Therapy.


Beach City Treatment has private rooms and double rooms that are comfortable and spacious. These rooms are furnished with warm beds fitted with therapeutic mattresses that will give you a restful sleep after a day full of activities. Wake up invigorated and recharged as the sunlight softly enters the window. The rooms are also fitted with spacious closets and nightstands on the side of every bed so you can put your journals, pens and even a glass of water.

Accommodation and Amenities

Undergoing rehabilitation and treatment is uncomfortable and sometimes painful due to withdrawal symptoms that will surface post-detoxification. It is important that a treatment facility provides decent and premium accommodations to keep their residents comfortable and relaxed. Beach City Treatment has top-notch amenities so that their residents get the best possible experience during their stay.

Kitchen and Dining

Enjoy a hearty breakfast in the spacious dining room while mingling with the residents and preparing for the day’s activities. Beach City Treatment also has a fully-stocked kitchen so food is available anytime.

Common Areas

Treatment is the primary focus at Beach City Treatment, all clients in residential care are provided a full schedule of activities that include; individual therapy, group therapy and experiential therapy. In between the daily routine, down time is provided, whereby clients get to relax in the common areas of the residence that include a spacious outdoor patio and pool.

Our Commitment

Beach City Treatment offers amenities in a non-clinical atmosphere you will find the comforts of home in your first day. Beach City Treatment is your home away from home. Beach City Treatment’s amenities are modern but comfortable. A great deal of attention is given to every detail to create the best experience possible.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Beach City Treatment is mandated by law to adhere to confidentiality policies for the privacy and protection of every individual that will undergo treatment regardless of the length of stay and intensity of the treatment.

This ensures that all treatment remains confidential and only the ones involve in rendering care and treatment are allowed access to an individual’s information. Passed by Congress in 1996, the HIPPA or Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act which established a national standard to protect patient health information and sets standards for patient’s data security.

Beach City Treatment is compliant to the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act. Accredited by The Joint Commission and fully licensed by Licensing by DHCS (Department of Health Care Services)

Insurance Coverage

Beach City Treatment accepts most major PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) insurance policies.



Cost and Budget

Treatment facilities vary based on how much they charge for their service. It is important to know the price range of a treatment facility to determine which treatment to avail and how long will the treatment period last. Beach City Treatment provides exceptional services will help you understand what your insurance covers.

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