Why Detox is a Necessary First Step Toward Recovery

Regardless of the type of addiction – whether it’s alcohol, opiates, heroin, or another drug – recovery starts with detox. It is imperative that you rid your body of any trace of drugs or alcohol before attempting to make the behavioral, cognitive, and lifestyle changes necessary for long-term recovery. A professional detox treatment facility like Beach City Detox helps you to do so safely and effectively.

If your body is still under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it impacts your thoughts and actions whether you realize it or not. You’ll still feel those cravings and experience withdrawal. This makes it more difficult to stay focused and committed to a treatment program. It can increase your risk of relapse as well because your body and mind are still driven by substance use.

Engaging in a medically-supervised detox program enables you to rid your body of these toxins and build a strong foundation for recovery. Quitting on your own cold turkey can be dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to deal with and lead you back to substance use as a way of trying to cope. However, in a detox program, you will have the support and guidance of experienced professionals who will work with you to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal, minimize discomfort, and feel more confident about sobriety.

Detox is not only about dealing with the physical toll of withdrawal, but also the mental and emotional effects. You will be surrounded by professionals who can help you to make sense of what you are feeling, focus on the benefits of sobriety, and begin working toward recovery goals. This includes staying physically active, beginning counseling, and fueling your body with proper nutrition to support healing.

Beach City Detox provides a safe, comfortable environment where you can start your journey toward recovery with the support and compassionate care you need. Our team works with you to create an individualized treatment plan that encompasses both medically-assisted detox and holistic healing to make detox as comfortable and effective as possible. Once detox is complete and you are feeling more stable, we help you to focus on the next step in your recovery such as entering a beach city residential program or sober living home.

Are you ready to start the journey to recovery? Contact Beach City Detox today.

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