Why Choose a Clinical Detox Program?

The first step toward addiction recovery is detox – ridding your body of any drugs or alcohol. Getting rid of these toxins so that they no longer influence your behavior or take a toll on your body is key. Once you have gone through detox, you can focus on the next steps of your recovery and develop a plan to maintain sobriety and reduce risk of relapse.

While detox can be done on your own at home, this is not often the best choice for many people. Over time, drugs and alcohol have stronger effect on your body, and withdrawal can be more challenging to cope with. This can put you at a higher risk of relapsing instead of moving forward into a professional treatment program. Choosing to enter a clinical detox program can be more beneficial and provide the level of support and guidance necessary to get recovery off to a strong start.

Benefits of Clinical Detox

There are many benefits to engaging in a clinical detox program instead of trying to go it on your own.

Safety: In a medically-supervised detox program, you’ll be carefully monitored throughout the process. Healthcare professionals ensure that your safety is a top priority and can quickly address any issues that may arise. They can also provide reassurance that what you are experiencing is normal and discuss what to expect.

Comfort: In addition, clinical detox programs often use both medication and holistic approaches to keep you comfortable. This can help to ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and allow you to focus on healing and recovery. Trying to push through withdrawal on your own at home can not only be unpleasant, it can be dangerous. In a medically-assisted or sub-acute detox program, someone is there 24/7 to ensure your well-being and keep you as comfortable as possible.

Whole body care: Programs that provide sub-acute detox, like Beach City Detox, focus on healing the body and mind as a whole. Not only are you supported through physical detoxification, but steps are also taken to promote better mental and emotional health. Engaging in activities such as yoga or other exercise, attending therapy, and fueling your body with nutritious, well-balanced meals helps you to heal inside and out. This can put you in a better position to continue moving forward with recovery.

Transition support: The clinical detox team works with you to create an individualized care plan. Treatment encompasses your unique needs and goals to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. The team will also collaborate with you to determine what the best plan is moving forward. They’ll help you find an appropriate residential or outpatient treatment program, or choose a sober living facility. You are supported along each step of the way as you progress through the detox program.

Plus, Beach City Detox provides you with the comforts of home while having the support of a fully trained staff equipped to provide top notch care for drug and alcohol detox. You don’t have to go through detox alone, and participating in a clinical detox program can set you up for greater success in recovery. Enjoy a supportive and relaxing environment as you rebuild your strength and begin to heal your body from addiction.

Are you ready to make a change and overcome addiction? Start with a quality detox program at Beach City Detox today.

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