Can You Work While Receiving Treatment for Addiction?

Work is how we support ourselves, but when you’re struggling with addiction, you may wonder if you can cope with work and recovery at the same time. It’s true that everyone needs to support themselves. Depending on other people for your money, housing, and other financial obligations keeps you from stepping up and taking responsibility for your own life.

On the other hand, work is a stressor that can make it difficult to refocus on your new lifestyle. Can you get clean and sober while you’re juggling your career? Or is it time to put things on hold for a little while?

Staying Clean While Working Can Be Tough

Work is a source of stress, no matter if you love your job or hate it. On top of that, your workplace may have strict work hours that conflict with your counseling or other meetings.

A high-pressure job can cause too much stress for you when you first get clean, but you may also need a job that pays the bills. Taking a new job may be humbling, but you need to keep your life together. You may also be able to take time away from work – many employers will offer paid or unpaid leave to people seeking recovery.

What if you haven’t had a job in a while? The world of work and personal responsibility can be intimidating. Getting a job at a place that you enjoy may be more appropriate to start out. For example, if you love riding a bike, you may want to work in a bike store or shop. If you like to talk to people, maybe consider an entry-level job in customer service.

Speak with your therapist and others in your support circle. Once your life is more stable, you may want to go back to school, get additional job training, or do other things to advance in your career.

Work is Important and So is Staying Clean

It’s not easy having a job when you’re first entering recovery, but you’ll probably find that work is less stressful when you’re clean and sober. The great news is that if you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re able to use to tools and plan to do something else. Many people work in jobs that have triggers such as bartending, and it may be a bad idea to go back to that environment.

Recovering isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding. Jobs come and go throughout life, and you’ll never regret getting clean even if your initial job track may be a bit humbling. When you are clean and sober, you’ll be able to reach goals you never thought possible before. Take things slowly and give yourself the time and tools to get back on your feet.

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