Benzo Detox Program at Beach City, Southern CA

Men come to Beach City Detox in Huntington Beach, California, struggling with many different forms of addiction—including benzo addiction. Benzos can exert a terrible grip on the brain, and in fact they can actually change the brain over time. The good news is that, no matter how powerful benzo addiction is, it is never hopeless. Recovery is always attainable—and the first step is seeking help from detox treatment center. At Beach City Detox, we provide a compassionate, clinical approach to those struggling with benzos addiction. Through a medically-backed program and a scenic, beach-front environment, we provide men with the tools they need to rid themselves of these harmful toxins, then to pursue lifelong recovery from addiction.

What are Benzos?

The term benzo is an abbreviation for benzodiazepines. These are controlled substances, prescription drugs that are sometimes used in the treatment of anxiety. You may be familiar with some of the specific brand names, like Xanax or Valium. These substances often work well for their intended purpose—and if anything, they work too well. They can quickly become habit-forming. Over time, it becomes impossible to truly feel calm without benzos to work on the brain. Higher and higher doses may be needed to achieve any kind of tranquility—a dangerous position to be in.

Signs and Symptoms of Benzos Addiction

Indeed, benzos can affect the body and the mind in many different ways. Benzo addiction is characterized by a few common symptoms and side effects, among them:

  • Difficulty paying attention/concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Mood swings
  • Poor judgment or loss of inhibitions
  • Risk-taking behaviors
  • “Doctor shopping” to try to get more benzos prescriptions
  • Stealing or borrowing pills from others
  • Taking more benzos than are prescribed, or taking them over a longer period of time than the doctor recommended

If you witness any of these symptoms in yourself or in a loved one, that might mean it’s time to seek detox and recovery.

Benzos Withdrawal

Because benzos are so potent, attempts to detox can come with some significant withdrawal pains. The symptoms of benzo withdrawal include:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Major depression
  • Fear of lost social functioning

These symptoms are significant, which is why we recommend against home detox. Trying to detox from benzos, outside the safety of a clinical program, can result in moments of relapse, and of reaching for higher-than-normal quantities of benzos to soothe the pain. The end result can be overdose.

Benzo Treatment

The alternative is to seek detox in a program like Beach City, where you can receive around-the-clock supervision from a trained medical staff. Our clinicians are thoroughly trained in benzo detox, and ready to make the process as smooth, effective, and safe as possible. We offer a full clinical program that encompasses cognitive/behavioral therapy, group therapy, a 12-step component, and more. Additionally, we offer a California serene beachside environment where men can totally focus on improving their physical, mental, and spiritual health. This includes comfortable accommodations, nutritious meal services, and more.

Benzo Addiction Recovery

Following detox, we help our clients locate the best residential treatment or sober living programs in the California area—ensuring a full spectrum of care. The bottom line is that we want to set people up for success in their recovery efforts; to help the men who come here lay the foundation for lifelong wellness, freedom from benzos addiction. Whether you or a loved one needs benzos detox, we encourage to you connect with us today, and to learn more about Beach City’s detox programs.

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