Amphetamines and Working Professionals: A Silent Trend

Crystal meth and other amphetamines have long been used by working professionals to “get more done” and stay awake and “energized” throughout the day. So it’s little surprise that there seems to be a resurgence of abusing these speedy drugs in highly-competitive environments such as Silicon Valley.

Amphetamines have stimulant effects, and crystal meth, in particular, lasts 6-12 hours. This endurance can make it attractive to people who feel like they don’t have enough hours in the day.

Meth and Other Amphetamines Are Highly Addictive

Unfortunately, because of television and the popularity of shows such as Breaking Bad, Meth has especially experienced a resurgence. Experts say that most people who try meth become addicted to it. This is true no matter if you’re a construction worker, truck driver or a programmer at a promising start-up. Addiction doesn’t care what you do for a living. But it does affect your brain and your thought patterns, making it a dangerous disease to gamble with.

Meth abuse can cause a lot of physical ailments. It can cause skin problems and malnutrition. People who use meth often stay awake for days at a time. Many long-term users experience a psychosis-like reaction to meth.  There is also the danger of the damage done to the body and nervous system.

People in recovery from an amphetamine addiction come from all walks of life. In documentaries and tv shows, you’ll see people in recovery from companies such as Facebook or Twitter. Many clients of treatment centers like ours come from promising start-ups and other high-tech companies. Many of them say it’s an easy addiction to pick up when you’re in an industry that involves high pressure to work long work hours.

In college, many students are under a lot of pressure and try drugs that aren’t prescribed to them. Adderall is a favorite of college students under deadlines for research papers and studying for finals. It’s addictive, too.

Unfortunately, addictive drugs usually cause the user to change their habits. You may find that you develop a tolerance to the drug, needing more of it to feel the way you used to. Addiction makes it so that the substance takes over more and more of their lives. Paradoxically, as the substance use disorder starts to take over, you may find your life feels like it is spiraling out of control and you can’t work the way you used to. Addiction is expensive, and you may need to spend more and more of your money on the drug, rather than your financial responsibilities. A lot of aspects of life can become neglected when you’re in the throes of active addiction.

Recovery Is Possible

Recovery is possible for anyone with an addiction to a substance. If you’re not sure that you have a problem, the best thing to do is to talk to the experts. Many people who have walked in your shoes would tell you that recovery is possible. In fact, don’t have to hit bottom to get the help you need and deserve.

If you think you have a problem with drugs and want to know more about getting help, please give us a call. We can answer any questions you have and let you know what options are available. (877) 228-2401

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