6 Signs It’s Time to Check into Detox

Denial is a strong component of drug and alcohol addiction. Those who are addicted are often reluctant to admit just how much pain they are in, how powerless they feel, and how much they need help. As such, they often fail to seek help—through detox and addiction recovery—when they really need to.

There are some telltale signs that the time for detox has arrived, however. Here are six of the main ones; if any of these describe you, we urge you to think seriously about seeking clinical intervention, starting with medically assisted detox.

Signs You Need Detox

You’ve had legal problems. Have you found yourself in and out of courtrooms—or even jail cells—because you’ve gotten behind the wheel while drunk or high? If so, that’s a dead giveaway that you need to seek help.

You’re had work problems. If you find yourself unable to hold down a job, getting fired for irresponsible behavior, that’s a strong indicator that your drug or alcohol use has spiraled out of control.

You’ve had relationship problems. Difficulty maintaining a real relationship is often a sign of drug or alcohol abuse—but detox and rehab can help you get things back on track.

Your family and friends have talked to you about your addiction. When other people express their worry, it’s because they see what you can’t see—namely, that your addiction is killing you, and the time for detox is now.

Your doctor is worried about you. If a physician has warned about the adverse health effects of drugs and alcohol, that’s another red flag.

You’ve tried quitting on your own, but can’t. If you can’t kick you drug or drinking habit, it’s because the problem is deeper than you think—real addiction requiring a real intervention.

Is it time for you to seek detox? If so, reach out to Beach City Detox right away.

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