Five Ways to Help Yourself Become More Positive

How can a positive attitude help you in recovery? When something bad happens in life, whether it’s a minor convenience or a full-on disaster, most people react instinctively. For people in recovery, life is about changing our reactions. Actions and reactions are one of the few things you can control when you first get clean and sober new to recovery. Becoming more positive or optimistic will take some active work.

Many people with substance abuse disorders are filled with negativity and stress. Once you are addicted, it’s hard to control your state of mind. But when you get clean, you get more control over your life in general. It’s time to work on yourself. And the change always begins from the inside.

Here are five things to try that can help you become more positive and optimistic.

  1. Don’t expect everything in life to be positive. Life isn’t always rosy, and if you expect it to be, you’re going to be let down. Be realistic and realize that without the pain it would be hard to recognize the joy. Nothing in this world is “perfect,” and everyone on this earth has problems.
  2. Be aware of your thoughts. When you stop to listen to your thoughts, you become more aware of them. Recognizing negative thought patterns is essential when you want to change the way you think. When you find yourself drifting towards negative thinking, tell yourself to stop and try again. Practice doing this a few times a day.
  3. Replace your self-talk. Self-talk refers to the type of thoughts that you have about yourself. Usually, they will come out when you’re upset. If you have ever thought to yourself, “I didn’t get a good grade because I’m stupid” or “No one will ever love me because I’m ugly”, you probably spend a lot of time engaged in negative self-talk. Self-talk is what powers our self-esteem. Instead of calling yourself names, recognize that you are feeding yourself negativity. Instead of calling yourself stupid, concentrate on studying hard. Calling yourself ugly is also a way that you can prevent yourself from getting close to people. Focus on your personality instead of your looks.
  4. Practice self-care. Give yourself time to recuperate from hurt feelings or a rough day. Meditate, draw, or go for a nature stroll. Choose something that you find relaxing or soothing. Self-care is a great way to reduce your anxiety as well as stress.
  5. Try to find a new perspective. In recovery, you’ll find that life has changed. Some things are clearer to you than others, while in some cases, you may still have the blinders on. It’s sometimes hard to find the source of problems when you’re new to recovery. Denial can be a powerful thing. If you keep seeing yourself with the same issues, and things don’t seem to be changing, it’s time to get help from others. By inviting other people in recovery into your life, you welcome new perspectives. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions. You don’t have to agree with every view, either.

Positive thoughts often follow positive actions. Commit to taking action on these items, and you’ll find that things get better every day. Taking action that makes you more positive about yourself and your life is very rewarding.

Recovery is Life

Life can be very rewarding when you’re clean and sober, and if you haven’t gotten there yet, you’re welcome to join us in recovery. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you get and stay clean at 1-877-228-2401.

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