Offer Love and Support to Your Loved One in Detox

When your loved one is in detox or addiction rehab, it’s imperative that you do everything in your power to offer love and support. Support from family and friends can sometimes be the critical element in the recovery journey. Knowing just what to say to someone who’s going through detox can be difficult, however—so here are a few of our suggestions.

I care about you.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Tell your loved one that you love them, support them, have been concerned for them, and want to see them get better. It makes a big difference!

It’s not your fault.

Those who have struggled with addiction tend to beat themselves up, holding themselves responsible for the things they’ve done—but you can remind them that addiction is a disease, not a choice they’ve made. Make sure your loved one knows that you don’t think less of them.

I support you.

Recovery is a lifelong journey—and at times, it can be challenging. Your loved one needs to know that you’re in their corner, and will help them however you can.

Treatment works.

During detox, it’s easy for individuals to become discouraged, or to fear that they will never get better. Help them to feel confident that treatment works, and that addiction recovery is attainable.

I want to see you get well.

Finally, make sure your loved one understands that recovery is worth it—and that you want to enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life together.

If you need help talking with your loved one, we can provide it. We’re here for those struggling with addiction, but we’re here for their family members and loved ones, too. Reach out to Beach City Detox today to start the conversation.

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