We wanted to share this fentanyl infographic to bring more awareness to this very deadly opioid medication that is being distributed to the opiate/heroin using community and, sadly, causing many accidental fatal overdoses.

Doctors prescribe fentanyl to patients who are dealing with great pain from surgeries, or dealing with extremely painful conditions like terminal cancer. Fentanyl is both stronger and shorter lasting than every other opiate drug, causing the risk of accidental overdose to skyrocket.

Incredible Potency

Fentanyl, being an opiate, causes the same euphoric ‘high’ as heroin and is sought out by the heroin using community.  The drug’s intended method of delivery is via lollipop, pill, or transdermal patch.  Many drug users inject fentanyl intravenously, or snort it intranasally. The potency of fentanyl is almost beyond belief as it is 50 times more potent than pharmaceutical grade heroin. There’s a synthetic analog called carfentanil that is 100 times as strong as fentanyl. For reference that is 10,000 times as potent as a comparably sized dose of morphine.

Rashes of Overdoses

Fentanyl’s potency leads to accidental overdose extremely often.  Fentanyl was present in the autopsy of both Prince, Tom Petty, and rapper Lil Peep. There have been unbelievable death tolls in communities that real or counterfeit fentanyl is distributed to the opiate using community by illicit dealers.  Increasingly, counterfeit fentanyl manufactured in China is the culprit for these “deadly fentanyl outbreaks,” and fentanyl from China is also very commonly ordered online through illicit pharmacies and shipped directly to consumers in the US from China. Super potent carfentanil is to blame for many fatal overdoses.

Getting Help for Fentanyl (and Opiate) Addiction

Our Southern California addiction treatment center is a great location for men who are physically and psychologically dependent on opiates to start a new life in recovery.  We have the perfect setting and clinical staff to connect with the chemically dependent man and show him that a life of sobriety is attainable and incredibly rewarding.   We have a medical detoxification unit for the initial detox to ensure the process is safe and comfortable. The real work begins when the man stabilizes and begins our 30-day residential treatment program.  Contact us today at (877)228-2401 to speak with a trained admissions counselor confidentially.