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For those who needs treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, recovery can seem impossible—but it isn’t. It’s a journey you can begin today, and the best place to do so is in an addiction detox center. Beach City Detox is passionate about working with men who are ready to begin the process of recovery.

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We Provide Specialized Detox in Huntington Beach, California

The journey out of addiction always starts with detox. Before you can pursue long-term recovery, you first must lay the proper foundation, ridding your body of harmful toxins. That’s what the detox process is all about, and it’s what we deliver here at Beach City. Beach City Detox is a sub-acute detox treatment center that provides services to men in the throes of addiction—including both alcohol and drug addiction. We’re located in Huntington Beach, California, and offer both the expertise and the compassion needed to make detox effective. The role of our detox facility is, first, to provide men with a tranquil environment where they can focus on their health. That’s why we are so proud of our beach-front accommodations, and our incredibly serene facility. This is truly an enriching environment for those who wish to focus on their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. We are also proud to offer nutritious meal services, beautiful accommodations,  television, and other amenities to the men who stay with us.

Why Do You Need Detox?

The role of detox is to prepare you for lifelong recovery—something we do by helping to safely eliminate the toxins that have built up in your body. A clinical approach to detox has several advantages, the first being that it’s safe; we offer around-the-clock medical supervision, which eliminates the risks encountered in at-home detox. We can also help to minimize withdrawal pain and discomfort. More than anything else, though, a clinical approach is recommended because it’s effective—and sets you up for a successful recovery journey. Seek compassionate care with a strong clinical component; seek help from Beach City Detox in California.

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Our Detox Programs

All of our clients are different, and as such we tailor our approach to meet their needs. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to detox; our substance abuse rehabilitation programs encompass a range of different practices and solutions. Some specific forms of detox we offer include:

Methadone Detox Program

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Opiate Detox Program

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Heroin Detox Program

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Suboxone Detox Program

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Benzo Detox Program

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Alcohol Detox Program

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“My stay at Beach City Treatment was more than phenomenal. The staff did more than care about me, they truly treated me like they wanted me to feel safe and comfortable.  I personally have been to 3 treatment institutions and Beach City is by far the BEST I have ever experienced. I recommend anyone seeking recovery to start with Beach City for detox.”

- Matthew


Beach City Treatment is accredited by The Joint Commission.  The Joint Commission is one of the highest standards for facilities to comply with. Patient safety and quality of care issues are at the forefront of Joint Commission standards and initiatives.Joint Commission standards focus on state-of-the-art performance improvement strategies that help health care organizations continuously improve the safety and quality of care.


Beach City Detox DHCSis a Fully Licensed Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility. Licensing by DHCS (Department of HealthCare Services) identifies those facilities which exceed minimum levels of service quality and are in substantial compliance with State program standards, specifically the Alcohol and/or Other Drug Certification Standards.

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